Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers: 

Q: How long do my kids or pets need to stay off the lawn after treatment?


The key to child & pet safety and lawn treatment is timing. Making sure enough time has passed for the application (spray) to dry before a pet or young child uses the lawn. A typical application is dry in just a few hours. Once dry, the application is bonded to the grass and does not pose a risk to pets or young children.

To help with this, a posting sign is placed by the end of the driveway on every application. An invoice is also left on the door in a door-hanger bag with the exact time of the application. That way, if an application is made while you are not home, you can figure out how long it's been since we were there.

The first application of the season is often a granular fertilizer which contains a crabgrass pre-emergent. This application could be watered in and then allowed to dry before using the lawn (for maximum safety). The product labeling does not require this, but it's just an extra precaution you could take to make sure everyone is safe.

Q: Do I need to be home when you treat my lawn? 

You do not need to be home when the lawn is treated. If you have a fence, please make sure gates are unlocked so we have access to the entire lawn. We also schedule applications to work with any even/odd watering schedules.

Q: Does the Minnesota Department of Agriculture have Best Management Practices (BMP) on how to safely and legally apply pesticides to lawns?

Yes, there is helpful information for both professional applicators and homeowners:

BMPs for Pesticide Use for Homeowners and Commercial Lawn Care (PDF)

BMPs for Turfgrass Pesticides (PDF)

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